What’s your mystery for looking astounding in your 40s?

I think a considerable measure of it needs to do with qualities, yet I additionally deal with myself by eating right and working out.

Individuals are fixated on your foreheads. Do you have any temples tips?

I jump at the chance to keep my temples looking common. I think toning it down would be ideal with the temples.

What are three magnificence items you can’t survive without?

I can’t live without cosmetics period, yet my three magnificence absolute necessities constantly are establishment, mascara, and lipstick. One of my most recent fixations is COVERGIRL’s truBLEND establishment in M6. As a Latina, I’ve constantly thought that it was trying to discover my match, however this one has such a large number of shades.

You take the BEST swimsuit selfies! What are your tips?

Goodness, bless your heart! My tip is whether you got it, display it! Don’t be modest. All ladies are stunners, and we should grasp it and release it.You know you’re Latina when: you don’t advance outside without cosmetics, not to run an errand!

One thing you miss about Colombia that you can’t get in the United States is: my family and companions!

The best part about being Latina in Hollywood is: having the capacity to speak to Latinos all over the place. I’m not bashful about acting naturally and celebrating where I originate from, and ideally it inspires others to grasp their identity and their underlying foundations.

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