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Q: I have knocks that resemble flaws on my upper arms, bum, and backs of my thighs, however they aren’t leaving despite the fact that I’m applying skin break out items on them. WTF?

A: Most likely they’re not imperfections. What you’re presumably managing is folliculitis, minor red, inflammed hair follicles that deliver pustules that look fundamentally the same as a whitehead or pimple, and for the most part appear on zones where you wouldn’t typically get skin break out, similar to the backs of your thighs. Things being what they are, what causes them? “Folliculitis can happen from rubbing — when your upper arms rub against your dress, or your legs rub against the texture of your pants or shorts, or your tight swimsuit bottoms move forward and backward against your butt and two-piece line,” Dr. Kate Lowenthal, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City, says. “Your hair follicles can likewise get contaminated when you wear exercise incredible (the texture traps dampness, which blends with the microorganisms that lays normally on your skin), as can scratching yourself with a razor, which additionally welcomes microscopic organisms into the skin less demanding.”

On the off chance that the portrayal of these irritating knocks sound well-known, to keep more from shaping, Lowenthal proposes showering three times each week utilizing an antibacterial wash, similar to Dial or Cetaphil, which will help kill the microscopic organisms on your body that is causing these unattractive imperfection like knocks. Furthermore, on the off chance that you exercise a considerable measure and are inclined to folliculitis, she said that it’s likewise a smart thought to flush off directly after you work out utilizing one of these washes. That way the microbes, sweat, and earth on your skin don’t have room schedule-wise to combine, blend, and contaminate your hair follicles.

To dispose of any folliculitis you may as of now have, Lowenthal says to touch on an over-the-counter anti-microbial cream or balm, similar to Bacitracin or Neosporin, which will help gather up the contamination inside the hair follicle.

“On the off chance that the knocks don’t leave following half a month, begin to extend in their red shading, spread to different zones, or the pustules get bigger in estimate, ensure you make a meeting with your dermatologist, as you may require a solution quality oral anti-microbial,” Lowenthal says.

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